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Balloon Tour-Flappy Balloon

This is the very simple smartphone game. You can move the balloon up by touch. Move your balloon to avoid obstacles.

We wondered how fast we could build the simple game. So we tried it. For 48 hours, we did finish it.

Flying SimSimi

We built the copy of Balloon Tour with SimSimi.

Tank Run

This is tank shooting game on the smartphone.

The player can destroy the enemy’s tanks and obstacles. The player can experience the running tank with the powerful cannon fire.

Gunbound Social (2013, with Softnyx)

We built the GUNBOUND facebook game version. This is the on-line shooting & chatting game with the facebook friends.

We developed this game server on the Node.js tech.

FORTRESS Mobile (2012, with CCR)

We did porting the on-line PC game FORTRESS into the on-line smartphone game.